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Asbestos exposure

I recently discovered that a house i spent aproximetly 20 hours in, on 10 different occasions was contaminated with asbestos. The floor was covered in asbestos dust(confimed asbestos dust) and I walked on in, without any protective measures taken.

I was hoping someone could present some statistics on how many percent of those exposed to relatively high doses get sick? How likely do you think it is I will get sick, if we assume i got a relatively high dose?

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  • carl61716

    you need to get a blood test done for asbestos contamination. 

    • rocky31676

      I talked to my doctor, and there is no way to see if you have been exposed. You can get screened for asbestos related cancer, but it almost always takes decades to develop. I was just wondering if anybody knew the odds I am up against...

    • carl61716

      No need to check for cancer.

      If you have asbestos in your lungs, it will first show up as pleural plaque and pleural effusion. Pleural effusion also can be a sign of a more severe disease, such as mesothelioma

      Pleural plaque or pleural effusion is checked by chest X-ray. 


    • rocky31676

      Yes, but these symptoms takes decades to develop, I will go to my doctor to get checked up soon. I was just wondering how big the risk is to develop problems if we assume I have been exposed?

    • carl61716

      It depends on many factors such as how much of the exposure you had. 

      Your fear of cancer is legitimate, but you should not stress yourself on something that may or may not take in effect decades from now.

  • carl61716

    Hi Carl,

    You would be suprised what contains asbestos and people do not even know, they could have even brought it in to the property.

    What I am talking about is ceilings, many people years ago used to Artex their ceilings, some look impressive. But really they should be checked by a professional person whom would take a sample and check it for Asbestos.

    Many people live their whole lives not even knowing that it even exists in their houses, etc.

    I would of thought you could find an Infographic on such statistics, most things are these days.



  • carl61716

    We recently found out that the leak in our roof had got between the walls stirred up a load of asbestos dust and cause we had damaged asbestos round the back door from some cowboy builder that all that dust has gone into our living space and baby's room I'm petrified my partner inherited the house so we was unaware that we were in any danger and have unknowingly exposed our baby to it. I'm so scared. Its all down to the level of exposure mine was high for the three weeks I mean you could taste dust in the air. I have moved out now but prob too little too late our poor baby was exposed to as much as we were he isn't even 1 yet. But the facts are that not everyone gets sick. A lot of workers in the mines got ill but a lot didn't. There would be milling more die from exposure to it. If you smoke your risk is far higher. Your lungs can clear a lot of the crap out over time depending on your immune system. i should think your risk is quite low as it is mainly long term high levels of exposure that increase your risk. Eg 6-8 hours a day for fifteen years sort of thing. My doctor wouldn't even entertain talking to me about it cause he says its years after before they can tell if damage has been done. I cry all day now about the danger we were in and just hope I'm lucky and that me and my family especially my baby will be ok. I don't think you have anything to worry about it wasn't for a prolonged period that you was there for.  Just remember there is asbestos in everything traces of it are found in sugar and coffee and all sorts of things. There is a low level of it in the air we breathe every day. 

    I was hoping there may be a doctor on here to shed some light on it as I'm so petrified at putting our life's at risk. I'm getting rather depressed over it cause there is nothing you can do about it once you have been exposed. sad

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