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frustrated61 frustrated61

I feel sick if I don't eat, but, when I do eat, I feel sick...anyone know what would cause this?

In the morning, I'm not usually hungry but try and eat a little.  Later in the day, I feel nauseated so I eat a little more hoping that will make me feel better, it doesn't.  I usually feel worse.  By the end of the day, I may have eaten a  cup of yogart or a healthy drink or both; leaving my body feeling bloated and uncomfortable.  Has anyone felt this way before or currently and if so, what do you do about it?  If only once in a while, what have you done about it?

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  • frustrated61 frustrated61

    I mean for instance, it's 2:30 in the afternoon, I ate a piece of toast for breakfast and didn't feel like having much from then and on but around 2ish I was feeling nauseated so I ate a bowl of cereal and now I'm feeling worse than ever.  Nervous stomach?  Perhaps a gastro problem?  Does anyone ever feel this way?


    • mrsmop mrsmop frustrated61

      Lori asked whether you have seen your doctor?  That would be the first port of call.

      Are you taking any drugs?  I am feeling similar to you but I know that it is a drug causing my nausea.  Drinking water relieves mine for a while

      Have you tried a ginger infusion?  Ginger is very good for nausea

      • frustrated61 frustrated61 mrsmop

        Hi Lori and MrsMop ~

        I've been seeing doctors for this and yes, I'm taking medications for this but nothing is helping.  I'm wondering if disseminated histoplasmosis can effect your stomach.  I've had some tests done today, blood work and scans so I'm hoping it shows something.  I was told last week the nodule in my lung is disseminated histoplasmosis and it's that degree because of my compromised immune nothing.  

        The meds I've been taking for years but the meds to help my stomach, only since I've been so sick the past three months.  I wish they'd move it along quicker because believe me, this nauseated feeling everyday and sometimes (like yesterday) it was all day long.  Sometimes it goes into the night and affects my sleep.  

        I drink gingerale daily and that used to help me but it doesnt' anymore.  I've tried the boiled water from yellow lentils as someone suggested, thus far, notta,nothing.  What is ginger infusion?  Anything I put into my stomach causes it to give me that nauseated feeling even water.  help anyone?


    • frustrated61 frustrated61

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      • georgeGG georgeGG frustrated61

        Hi Frustrated, 

        Thati s good that you could keep a meal down without nausia on Monday. Ant reason? Done anything different?


      • mrsmop mrsmop frustrated61

        I found the following on the Guardian's website [a quality daily newspaper in the UK - for our friends in the US who might not know it]

        Food is never dull when it contains ginger. Some zingy, warming root ginger electrifies and enlivens a dish like nothing else. A stalwart aromatic in Asian and Caribbean cooking, you can incorporate it into a spice paste to build a deep, broad-shouldered flavour, or finely shred it raw over your finished dish as a pungent, tongue-tingling garnish, but it also works brilliantly in western dishes, such as crème brulée. Choose big chunky rhizomes that are firm to the touch, without any give, and with smooth, unwrinkled skin – they keep better in the fridge than small ones. Don't be timid or parsimonious with fresh ginger; think in terms of tablespoons, not teaspoons, and aim to use it up quickly when it's dripping with juice.

        Why is ginger good for me?

        No wonder ginger occupies a venerable role in ayurvedic medicine as an appetite-stimulant and digestive aid.

        It acts as a carminative (it prevents flatulence) and an intestinal spasmolytic (it soothes the intestinal tract). Modern research supports its efficacy as a safe remedy for travel sickness, and for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Ginger also seems to have an analgesic effect on the joints. Gingerols, the potent anti-inflammatory compounds found in ginger, appear to reduce the pain, and improve the mobility, of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

        An infusion of fresh, thinly sliced root ginger in boiling water has a warming action on the upper respiratory tract, making it a soothing home remedy for colds, flu, and coughs.

        Where to buy and what to pay

        Asian grocers and Chinese supermarkets see ginger as core stock, not as slow-selling exotica, so they have a healthy turnover. Guide price: £ Avoid supermarket ginger packed in fiddly plastic bags: you'll pay up to four times more for the privilege.

        • georgeGG georgeGG mrsmop

          Dear mrsmop,

          Thank you for that we use lots of ginger, or so I thought until I had read you note. Tablespoons full and Asian grocers had never occurred to me. £2Kg soumds much better that the small roots at the supermarket.

          Have you any information on the effect of ginger on the urinary tract, please?


        • mrsmop mrsmop georgeGG

          Hi George,  I don't know anything about the effect of ginger and the urinary tract.  I had a quick look at Dr Google and it is mentioned but it doesn't say a huge amount.  I didn't look at the quackery that is also there!

          I'll have a look later, when I have more time.

        • frustrated61 frustrated61 georgeGG

          Parsley is good for the urinary tract.  You can make or purchase parsley tea.  It's not that great tasting but add some green tea to it or sugar and it should get you past the taste.  I mean, it's not nasty or anything.  You can just eat parsley fresh and it will help with the urinary tract.  I know this for sure as eating taboulii which is almost all parsley, it helps your UT.  Good luck, Doc

          Frustrated Xx

        • frustrated61 frustrated61 mrsmop

          MrsMop ~

          Thank you for that information.  I just re-read this and found things I thought you said but I realize now what you meant.  It was very clear, my thinking at that time of reading wasn't clear.  So, I'm saying you did a fine job of research and for that I am very grateful!!!

          Thank you for sharing this information as it will follow me through the rest of my life.


      • mrsmop mrsmop frustrated61

        Whilst looking for some info for George,  I came across the Institute of Food Research.  It is very interesting

        • georgeGG georgeGG mrsmop

          Yes mrsmop, that is a fabulous find. It is exciting to find a company studying the way nutritian actually works in the body. The superfoods and few foods that have been subjected to study suggest that poor nutrition is involved in many ills. This might show that correct, relevant nutrition is even more important than currently suspected.

          Definately another book mark for me. This is a site that will need regular visiting.

          Many thanks mrsmop, George

          Definately another book mark for me as the site will need regular visiting.

          Thank you mrsmop, George

      • Athi Athi frustrated61

        I haven't seen anyone suggest a stomach ulcer. That's one of its main symptoms, so maybe you should go to a doctor and check that out?? Or it could also be a gallbladder problem. My mom has one and she feels that way sometimes. So definitely look into those two things! I know I will...because I'm having similar's horrible.

        • lala44834 lala44834 frustrated61

          I wake up and I have to get my breakfast to leave for school, I try eating but I can't. I'll have the tiniest bites then throw my food back up, so basically I'm not eating I guess I don't know what to do rolleyes HELP PLEASE

          • Izkra2400 Izkra2400 frustrated61

            Im 14 and often feel tired and not really hungry I have not really ate a meal in like four days and I feel sick to my stomach when I have not ate but I can not make myself eat even though I know I need too  and I don’t know what to do 

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